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Counseling and Psychotherapy



Couples counseling

  • infidelity
  • loss of emotional intimacy
  • communication problems
  • deciding whether to continue or terminate the relationship
  • divorce and difficulties in coordinating custody of children
  • alienation
  • conflicts
  • jealousy
  • intimacy problems

Individual counselling

  • lack of self-confidence, problems with expressing and/or controlling emotions
  • anxiety, excessive worry, feelings of anxiety…
  • loneliness, isolation, depression, outbursts of anger

  • coping with changes in life (divorce, loss, bereavement, illness, etc.)


  • contact with yourself and your inner resources
  • a clearer understanding of oneself, one’s needs and emotions,
  • clearer orientation when making important life decisions and transitions
  • support in expressing yourself in a more authentic way
  • strengthening the sense of self-worth, the sense of boundaries, reducing the influence of the environment
  • release of blockages and tension, building self-confidence

About me

Helena Marusko, certified counselor in transactional analysis, focusing practitioner and certified focusing trainer

I believe that we are constantly in the process of changing, searching, tearing down, building up… And that sometimes life’s challenges urge us to focus our attention inward. The hardships and difficulties we face are often a call to change.

We are in charge of our growth process, but as the American poet John Donne wrote, no man is an island, entire of itself. We need each other, because only in a relationship we can truly discover ourselves.

Let’s get in touch.

  • Psychotherapeutic propaedeutics Diploma, Sigmund Freud University Vienna (SFU)
  • Certified Counsellor in Transactional Analysis (ITAA)
  • Focusing Practitioner and certified Focusing Trainer at the International Focusing Institute in New York, USA (TIFI)
  • Certified Mediator, Rakmo Institute

  • BA in Cultural Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana

Counselling and psychotherapy

I conduct counselling and psychotherapy according to the principles of transactional analysis, which enables us to get to know ourselves and understand the background of our behaviours and thoughts. It helps us to become aware of the patterns that we internalized in childhood and that today may represent an obstacle on the way to self-realization.

Transactional analysis

Modern transactional analysis is an integrative form of psychotherapy that treats the individual holistically, taking into account his emotions, thinking, behaviour, physical and spiritual dimensions. It is aimed at understanding how we relate to ourselves, to others and to the world in general. It was developed by the psychoanalyst Eric Berne and based on humanist philosophy, with the basic premise that all people have the ability to think and to decide their own destiny and that they have the power to change their decisions.

Therapy sessions

It can be short-term counselling in the range of 6-12 hours or a more in-depth treatment that lasts longer. As a rule, we meet once a week. A prerequisite for starting the therapeutic process is the ability to regularly attend therapy meetings. Continuity of meetings is important, as it ensures a continuous course of therapy. The meeting lasts 50 minutes.

Online sessions are arranged via Zoom.

I ensure the protection of my clients’ personal data and the complete confidentiality of everything that is said in the context of therapeutic meetings, and I act in accordance with the ethical codes of the Slovenian association for psychotherapy (SZKP) and the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA).


Focusing is a simple yet profound process that promotes change, growth and healing on all levels. It gives us direct contact with the body’s wisdom, which helps us direct our lives along the path that is right for us. Through the practice of focusing, we deepen our knowledge of ourselves, strengthen our ability to deal with difficult situations and difficult relationships, and our ability to find creative solutions that move our lives forward.

It was defined by the renowned American philosopher and psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin, who together with Carl Rogers researched what affects the success of psychotherapy. He concluded that the focusing process represents the natural ability of every human being to establish contact with himself, with his inner knowing, through his own body.

Price list

Individual counselling / focusing:

50 € – Jesenice or online

55 € – Ljubljana

Couples counseling:

60 € – Jesenice or online

70 € – Ljubljana

*cashless transactions only


JESENICE - Spodnji Plavž 24e (building of the Development Agency for Gorenjska - RAGOR)

LJUBLJANA - Savska cesta 3a (building enaA of the online store)